Fairfield Regional Schools Gala Day - 2016

The Tag League Association would like to invite your School to play in the fifth annual Fairfield Regional Schools Gala Day. The event for 2016 has moved to a new date & now allows for participation by students in years 11 & 12, with registrations now accepted online.

This is planned as a fun day of competition for students in years 7 to 12 from schools in the South Western Region. Teams can be made up of 8 or more players, Boys, Girls or Mixed, with 10 to 12 recommended so as to provide player subs. Teams will be placed in Pools and will play in a Round Robin format, with the players in the Winning & Runner Up teams receiving Trophies or Medals.


EVENT DATE:                                              Monday 28th November 2016

WET WEATHER BACK UP DATE:                     Monday 5th December 2016

VENUE:                                                      Brenan Park, Smithfield (Click Here for details)

SCHOOL ARRIVAL TIME (APPROX):                  9.15am

SCHOOL DEPARTURE TIME (APPROX):              2.45pm

ENTRY FEE:                                                $10 per player

REGISTRATION CLOSING DATE:                       Friday 18th November 2016

REGISTRATION METHOD:                               Register Online by Clicking Here.

Divisions Pool 1
Pool 2
Pool 3
Year 7/8
Year 9/10
Year 11/12
Year 7/8
Year 9/10
Year 11/12
Year 7/8
Year 9/10
Year 11/12


Players are required to wear official Tag League shorts, Oztag shorts are acceptable. If players do not have shorts, they can wear shorts without pockets and Belts will be supplied at the venue as an alternative.Tags & Balls will also be provided on the day and must be returned following the event.

  • Fields will be professionally marked for the event.
  • Official referees will be supplied by the Tag League Association.
  • We will be offering full Canteen facilities for students on the day. Click Here for a Canteen Price List.
  • First Aid will be available by accredited staff on the day.
  • Gala Day Invitations are available by Clicking Here.
  • If you have any questions, please email Manager@FairfieldTagLeague.com.au or call 1800 466 090.
  • Nominations must be submitted by Friday 18th November and can be made by Clicking Here.