Informal Risk Assessment

We plan for an enjoyable day for all participants and supporting persons attending. To that end we have conducted an informal risk assessment which we would like to share so that everything that can be done is done to make it both safe and enjoyable.

1. Likely Risks on the day.

Tag League is a low contact sport, however there does exist the likely risk of minor or possibly moderate injuries to a small percentage (<1%) of attendees. This includes Grazing, Sprained Ankles, Dislocated Fingers and Shoulders, Broken Fingers, Arms or Legs, Dehydration, Sun Exposure, Insect Bite and Allergic Reaction.

As a precaution, Fields will be inspected prior to and on the day to remediate any hazards. Water will be available on the fields free of charge and in proximity to play. Sunscreen and Insect Repellent will be freely available. A First Aid Officer with formal First Aid Training and a current First Aid Certificate will be in attendance for the day to attend to injuries / manage any situations requiring escalation. Any persons attending with known health issues or allergies should be identified prior to the event to competition management. If required, an action plan will be developed and shared with supervisors for implementation on the day.

2. Possible Risks at the venue.

Being in a public place there is the possibility that person/s from outside may seek to interfere with attendees, or that persons attending might get into an altercation. On the day, we will have field supervisors at a ratio of three (3) per two (2) fields physically on the fields, to Referee games and provide Supervision. This is additional to any staff from Schools attending or competition management (office) staff. In total we expect to have 18 staff in attendance.

3. Possible Risks in transit.

Given the need to transport participants, there exists inherent risks in their transfer to and from the grounds. Responsibility for this rests with the School / Transport Companies. An independent risk assessment should be made.

4. Unlikely Risks at the venue.

The set down area for vehicles bringing those attending is at a Car Park in the centre of the grounds that is not in close proximity to any major roads. There is no reason for persons to cross any roads as they move around the grounds on the day. However, given participants do need to negotiate on and off transport vehicles, a slight risk exists in the potential of falling from vehicles, or being struck by a vehicle in the car park. Normal cautions and supervision represent an adequate safeguard.

5. Rare Risks at the venue.

Given the competition is held in a public sports field, there is the slight potential for risks of a 3rd party nature. This includes by way of example, branches falling from trees, objects being thrown etc. Risks of this nature are very difficult to manage, but efforts will be made prior to and on the day, on an ongoing basis, to identify risks which will be remedied and /or adequate safeguards implemented to manage risk to an acceptable level.

A Personal Injury insurance policy is in place, along with a Public Liability insurance policy for $20Million and a Professional Indemnity insurance policy for $5Million. Details of our insurance coverage is available by Clicking Here.

If there is any matters related to this that you might like to raise, please feel free to call us during office hours on 1800 466 090 or via email at: