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23rd September 2014 - Damage to Stockdale Reserve to affect Spring 2014 Thursday Competitions

We have been advised by Fairfield Council that our normal Spring Season hire of Stockdale Reserve at Abbotsbury on Thursday evenings will not be possible for the 2014 Season. Extensive damage to the playing surface was incurred by another sporting code in the Winter Season which will require major works to rectify. We have inspected the fields for ourselves and found what council had advised to be correct, Helmut Fleig, President of the Tag League Association said. This advice was given 3 weeks ago, and we have been looking for an alternative location close by to run the Thursday competition in the mean time. We are happy to advise that we have made alternate arrangements for the use of Tarlington Reserve at Bonnyrigg, the same location used for the Monday and Tuesday competitions, plus we have secured use of the playing field at St Narsai Assyrian Christian College located at 673-683 Smithfield Rd Edensor Park. The field here is in excellent condition, with fantastic lights, a grand stand and amenities, plus excellent parking facilities. The use of both fields is required due to the level of interest in the Thursday competition which is at capacity at 40 Teams. The fields are approximately 1km apart. The competition will proceed for Spring 2014 as planned, with the first 5 rounds ungraded. Teams will be assigned to one location for these rounds. After grading at round 6, teams will play at an assigned location for the balance of the season. We cannot say which location teams will play at till the draws are announced. The competition start date has been pushed back a week to allow us time to communicate the change and develop the draws. The Spring 2014 Thursday competition will now commence on 2nd October. Any teams dissatisfied with the alternative arrangements will be offered a full refund.

28th August 2014 - Major Upgrades to Sports Fields at Fairfield West to affect Spring 2014 Competitions

Today it was revealed that major works are to be undertaken by Fairfield Council at both Avery Park and Endeavour Reserve at Fairfield West. Over the past few seasons we have had feedback from players regarding the quality of the playing surface at Fairfield West, both Avery Park and Endeavour Reserve. In general, feedback from players is they want the playing fields restored, or want to move to an alternate location with better field conditions, Helmut Fleig, President of the Tag League Association said. So, we are happy to advise that Fairfield Council have agreed with requests for ground restoration, and will be commencing work on Avery Park and Endeavour Reserve over Spring 2014 and Summer 2015. Advice on this was only shared with us by council this week.

As a result of these restorations, we are unable to make use of Avery Park for Spring 2014. We have been working with Fairfield Council and have obtained long term tenure for new playing fields at Tarlington Reserve, Bonnyrigg. Tarlington Reserve is located off Edensor Road in Bonnyrigg, approximately 3km west of Endeavour Reserve, and are part of the NewLeaf project. There are great new lights and the ground is in pristine condition.

So for the Spring 2014 Season, for Senior competitions we will be playing at both Endeavour Reserve and Tarlington Reserve (instead of Avery Park). The competition will proceed for Spring 2014 as planned, with the first 5 rounds ungraded. Teams will be assigned to one location for these rounds. After grading at round 6, teams will play at an assigned location for the balance of the season. We cannot say which location teams will play at till the draws are announced. Teams will unfortunately not have a choice as to where they play. While we understand this is short notice for teams impacted by the change, we recognise the importance for fields to be restored as a priority, to ensure we can offer fields in great condition for future seasons.

The Spring 2014 Junior competition will be played at Endeavour Reserve instead of Avery Park.

The Fairfield East competition usually played at Knight Park Yennora will also have a new home. There has been similar issues at this venue through over use by multiple sporting codes. Council have offered use of an alternate field just 500m away in Yennora called Springfield Park. This is an older field that currently has limited use and is in relatively good condition. A new amenities block is in place, so is a great alternative to Knight Park. So whilst there are changes, the Spring 2014 season will proceed without major impact, setting a positive direction for future seasons.

21st August 2014 - Tag League Association announces new Engadine Competition

The Tag League Association today announced the establishment of a new competition at Engadine, to the south of Sydney. This competition further extends geographical access for players, Helmut Fleig, President of the Tag League Association said. One of the key issues we face is the availability of competitions that are convenient for players to access. We often get calls about where people can play, and its disappointing when we have to say we have nothing available in their area. Engadine is the first of a series of new competitions being launched for Spring 2014. Further announcements will be made in the next few weeks as we finalise arrangements with councils regarding grounds access as well as with new competition managers. We are excited with the new developments, with more to follow. The new Engadine Tag League Competition site can be found at:

19th June 2014 - Tag League Association changes to new Logo

The Tag League Association today launched its new logo design. The new design was prompted by feedback from the NRL that it held concerns that the original Tag League logo launched in April 2013 was uncomfortably similar to its own. Whilst the Tag league Association did not share that belief, we felt it prudent to make a change to avoid any issues, Helmut Fleig, Tag League Association President said. We launched a private design competition which yielded 3 quality candidates, from which the new design was selected. The design concept holds some significance, with the two vertical bars representing the Tags, with two arcs connected to the top and bottom forming the ball. This is laid on a green back ground with 8 vertical bars representing a team advancing the ball down the field. This is framed by a gold border forming a shield, with the Tag League title placed at the top in a futuristic font. Overall the design is contemporary and embodies the vision of Tag League to be the game of choice for people wanting to play social Rugby League.

8th April 2013 - Fairfield Competition changes affiliation to the Tag League Association

As of the 3rd April 2013, competitions run by Sponsorworx at Fairfield are no longer affiliated with the Australian OzTag Sports Association. From the Winter 2013 Season, competitions at Fairfield will be known as Fairfield Tag League in affiliation with the Tag League Association. Personal Accident Insurance is provided by the Tag League Association & is included in all registrations for Winter 2013. Benefits are similar to those previously offered, Helmut Fleig, competition manager said, but claiming is easier with higher reimbursements & lower excess. A transition period will occur as we set up new web sites, email addresses etc. The same people who have run the Fairfield competition will continue to serve the people of  Western Sydney should they choose to continue to play. People who have any questions should call us on 1800 466 090 & we will answer all questions in a forthright manner.