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Spring 2017 Junior Competition Summary 

Click Here for a Fairfield Tag League Spring 2017 Junior Brochure

  • The season will commence on Wednesday 11th October 2017.

  • All games will be played at Avery Park, Fairfield West. Click on the "Where do we play?" tab to the left for more details.

  • All games will be played on Wednesday evenings with game times allocated by age group;

Age Division Game Times
Under 9's 5.00pm-5.45pm
Under 12's 5.00pm-5.45pm
Teen Tag 5.45pm-7.15pm
  • Team, Individual and Group (not enough for a team) registrations will be accepted, with Groups and Individuals aggregated to form teams.

  • For the Spring 2017 Season we are offering Boys, Girls & Mixed Under 9 (5-9yrs), Under 12 (10-12yrs) & Under 16 (13-16yrs/Teen Tag) competitions. Teams are grouped by year age / or size / maturity to form divisions, so that participants play in / against teams of similar stature.

  • The season will run for 9 Rounds, 7 Rounds played in a Round Robin followed by a Semi Final and Final for the top 4 teams in each division.

  • It is the policy of the Tag League Association that ALL rounds of the competition will be played, with provision made for season extension to allow for wet weather interruptions.

  • Individual Trophies will be awarded for the Winners, Medallions for Runners up in each division on Finals Day at a free catered function.

  • Click on the "Competition Entry" tab to the left for registration details.

Spring 2017 Fairfield Tag League Junior Competition Calendar

 Day of Week & Venue
Wednesday - Avery Park, Fairfield West
Divisions Available
Boys, Girls, Mixed - U9's, U12's, Teen Tag
 Registration Day 1
 Wednesday 6th September - Avery Park, Fairfield West - 5pm to 8pm
 Registration Day 2  Wednesday 27th September - Avery Park, Fairfield West - 5pm to 8pm
 Round 1  Wednesday 11th October 2017
 Round 2  Wednesday 18th October 2017
 Round 3  Wednesday 27th October 2017
 Round 4  Wednesday 1st November 2017
 Round 5  Wednesday 8th November 2017
 Round 6  Wednesday 15th November 2017
 Round 7  Wednesday 22nd November 2017
 Semi-Final  Wednesday 29th November 2017
 Grand Final  Wednesday 6th December 2017
 Wet Weather Contingency  Wednesday 13th December 2017
 Wet Weather Contingency  Wednesday 20th December 2017

For those unfamiliar with Junior Tag League, here's the key points to understand;

  • Persons aged 16 years or under are eligible to play, with 17 years and above considered seniors.

  • 8 players on the field per team (minimum of 5 to start a game).

  • Unlimited interchanges.

  • Kick-off to be unassisted (holding the ball is not permitted).

  • Only players are permitted to be on the field during the game.

  • Marker is not allowed in Junior U/9 competitions.

  • Dummy half cannot score in Junior U/9 and Junior Plus U/12.

  • Dummy half cannot be tagged in possession in Junior U/9 and Junior Plus U/12 (changeover will result).

  • Defensive line cannot move until first receiver or dummy half touches the ball in Junior U/9 and Junior Plus U/12 (penalty will result).

  • Kicking in general play is not allowed in Junior U/9 and Junior Plus U/12 (change over will result).

  • Kicking in general play permitted in Teen Tag.

  • Contact is not permitted in defence or attacking play in any age group.

  • In the under 9's, depending on the experience level, the session will start with some drills before a game is played.

  • There is no separate training, kids just show up and play each week.

  • The referee will guide teams in their first few games and will tighten up on rulings as they get more experienced.

  • Players must wear Tag League shorts which are available to buy at $25.00. Some other Tag sports shorts are acceptable, please check with the supervisor if you already have an alternate brand of shorts.

  • Numbered shirts of the same colour are optional for teams, but recommended. These are also available for purchase.

  • Suitable foot ware must be worn. Boots are not required. It is not permitted to play in bare feet.

  • The competition is a real competition. Games get scored and points allocated, with a results table showing the team standings.

  • An adult competition supervisor attends all rounds to manage the competition. Competent referees are provided for each field.

  • Balls and Tags are provided for each field.

  • A child may also be requested to play in an alternate age division if this is deemed appropriate for their size.

  • Click Here for a full set of rules for Junior Tag League Competitions.